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Cockroach Traps

Pest control is critical if you're looking to maintain health and sanitation within your home. There's a lot factors contributing to their invasion of the human home; some can be controlled and prevented, while others are completely outside of our control. Among those factors, one which can be controlled to a certain extent, are the numbers being allowed to run free with the use of roach traps.

Pests are insects which greatly produce unpleasant surprises to humans that can range from foul smell to destruction of agricultural plants. The most common pest among household and in the community are cockroaches, which are just a simple insect by default, but can implant extraordinary fear to humans when it begins to spread its wings, with bonus scraping sensation when it lands on your skin.

Different procedures are being used in order to lessen the population of these cockroaches - it may not affect them in a large scale since insects have a very large population, but it can lessen the population which can be seen in the naked eye. Insecticides available at your leading supermarkets can do the trick, but why spend money on these environment-unfriendly products if you can catch these cockroaches using traps made from home stuffs.

adhesive roach trapsOne popular method (according to of cockroach traps is using a duct tape. Place a duct tape with the sticky side up, then fold both ends to fasten it to the ground. Any length will do, and of course for a higher success rate, use some bait. Cockroaches like sweets so sugar or peanut butter will do. This is effective in places with high traffic cockroaches like corners of the wall. The downfall of this method is the disposal. You have to actually pick up the duct tape, but a little effect of Katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) can make someone choke a little bit.

Another technique which can suffice killing small amounts of cockroaches is by using used jars - the glass ones, and a bit of petroleum jelly or cooking oil. Petroleum jelly is applied into the inside of the jar to ensure less friction making it impossible for the cockroaches to climb up once they are inside. A bait should be placed inside the jar to attract the attention of the cockroaches. They are most likely to be trapped there for the rest of their lives, struggling until their last breath. For more effectiveness, the outside surface of the jar can be covered with masking tape to increase friction, making it a red carpet of death for the cockroaches.

Alternative method in using jars are using long-necked bottles. Fill the inside portion of the neck with cooking oil or with petroleum jelly if you have some brush to fit inside the neck. It has the same theory as the jar, to trap the cockroaches inside using a bait and not letting them get away by removing friction. But what is the big difference between long-necked bottles and jar? The long-necked bottle nullifies the most frightening ability these cockroaches have - flying. Since the jar have large openings, it is susceptible of letting the cockroaches fly away, even though the friction is neglected. The long-necked bottles have more effectivity than wide mouth jars in terms of caging ability.

While these are all simple traps you can do at home, they can be a hassle or you might just not want to bother making them. If that is the case, it might be worth your time to just buy pre-made roach traps that work just as well or even better.

Even if these traps can kill cockroaches, it is not a certainty that these methods can help in the annihilation of cockroach infestation, which cannot be handled by any traps. The outraging population of an infestation cannot be sustained by duct tapes or jars or bottles, so pest control professionals are needed for the job.

Even if cockroaches are part of the uncontrollable forces of nature, they can be handled effectively by different methods to ensure proper health and sanitation, not just at home but also in the community. And as already stated, you can control their numbers and even the frustration they bring with simple cockroach traps.